Terms of Service

  1. Basic Conditions
    1. I reserve the right to refuse a commission without reason.
    2. Buyers must be 18 or older to commission adult content.
  2. Content
    1. Accepted art content rating is G up to XXX.
    2. Just because I haven’t drawn something doesn’t mean that I won’t. Please ask me if you’re unsure. I have a fairly open mind!
    3. Content that I have difficulty drawing and will generally refuse includes complex machinery and mecha, elaborate backgrounds, hyper-obese characters, excessive gore, humans and cat-girls, and buildings/architecture.
    4. Content that I’m not comfortable drawing includes but may not be limited to scat, watersports, vomit, extremely young characters in sexual situations, oviposition and unbirthing.
    5. Buyers acknowledge that commissions will be drawn in my personal artistic style. I will not mimic another artist’s style on request.
  3. Prices and Quotes
    1. Prices and examples of my work can be found within this website.
    2. Quotes are provided based on the information I receive from the buyer. Please provide as much information as necessary to ensure an accurate quote.
    3. All prices are quoted in AUD (Australian Dollars).
    4. Quotes are only valid for one week. If no response or payment is received in that time, the commission is cancelled.
  4. Payment
    1. Payment is preferred via Paypal.
    2. Bank deposit is possible only for Australian customers.
    3. Google Wallet is not accepted as it is not valid outside the US.
    4. Upon accepting a commission, I will send an invoice to the nominated Paypal email.
    5. Work does not start on a commission until I have received payment on the invoice.
    6. A minimum 50% deposit is required before work begins.
    7. Split 50/50 payments are available if the buyer chooses.
    8. Full payment upfront is made at the buyers discretion.
  5. Copyright and Distribution
    1. All commissions are sent digitally. The buyer will receive a low-resolution version with an unobtrusive watermark suitable for online use, plus a high-resolution version suitable for printing.
    2. Conbadges are only printed, laminated and mailed by request. **Postage is not currently available at all**
    3. International customers may be charged a small fee for postage. **See above**
    4. All artwork remains copyright to myself, and may be redistributed or sold (in folios/CDs etc.) by me unless otherwise requested.
    5. The rights to any characters that are not mine are retained by the persons who own said character.
    6. I reserve the right to post commissions in my online galleries such as FurAffinity, Weasyl and InkBunny. If the buyer wishes to remain anonymous they must inform me in advance.
    7. Buyers are welcome to display any commissioned artwork online provided full credit is given to myself as the artist. It is preferred they repost the watermarked version, but not compulsory.
    8. Buyers are free to print out their commissions for personal use only.
    9. My work may not be altered without my written approval.
  6. References
    1. Reference sheets are preferred.
    2. If a sheet cannot be provided, 2-3 pictures of each character on different angles is suitable. If I don’t know a marking is there, I can’t draw it. Please don’t send three front-on pictures when one will suffice.
    3. Clothing references are welcome.
    4. Pose references are welcome in photo form. I’m not comfortable being asked to copy a pose in someone else’s artwork.
    5. If providing a written description, please cover all bases in a short and concise manner. You’re not writing a novella, so “medium grey fur” works just as well as “his silky fur is the colour of the calm smoke of a campfire.” Please also remember to include eye colour, hair colour, hair style, whether they have visible claws or paw pads, and if they’re in a picture with multiple characters – height!
  7. The Commission Process
    1. The buyer is kept updated through the commission process.
    2. Progress can also be tracked through my Commission Queue.
    3. I make every attempt to be accurate but it is the buyers responsibility to tell me if any alterations are required.
    4. Sketch commissions are sent a rough sketch for approval, then the finished cleaned-up work for final approval and changes.
    5. Coloured commissions are sent a rough sketch for approval, followed by the flat coloured version for approval on smaller details and colour choices, followed by the fully finished work for final approval.
    6. Character sheet commissions require a lot of collaboration. I check in at each stage: Sketch, linework, flat colour and final piece.
    7. If major changes to the linework are requested -after- prior sketch approval, extra fees will apply. (Forgetting an earring is not a major change.)
  8. Turnover and Deadlines
    1. Artwork is completed as quickly as possible but I am not a machine and life does continue to happen.
    2. Given prompt communication turnaround of customer response within 24-hours, artwork is generally finished within 4-6 weeks.
    3. If you have a deadline, please tell me! I can work to deadlines. If it’s a short deadline, responsibility also falls on the buyer to be prompt when I check-in at approval stages.
    4. Extremely short deadlines may incur a small fee.
  9. Refunds
    1. Full refunds are only available if work has not begun.
    2. Partial refunds are calculated based on how far into the art process I am when the refund is requested.